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Optometric Vision Therapy and
Neuro-Visual Rehabilitation

Optometric Vision Therapy helps improve your functional vision, how your eyes track, focus, and team together, or how your brain processes the visual information it receives. It is comprised of many different types of prescribed activities to treat visual dysfunctions.

Over time, the brain develops new neuro-visual (brain-eye) pathways - this allows the visual system to operate with improved visual function, efficiency, and control... and all this leads to less effort, less strain, less symptoms, improved performance, and happy patients!


Enjoy a massage while your child has vision therapy!

Adult Patients:

Enjoy a massage either before or after your therapy Session!

Since 2017 when Dr Zollinger started InlandVT, he has envisioned a massage room just like this, as a way to say THANK YOU and give back to those parents and patients who make vision therapy possible and allow us to be a part of your journey!

So come Relax, Unwind, and Enjoy!

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