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We love our patients!
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"I started to struggle more in school, things like writing would become a chore and copying down notes would cause extreme headaches...."

Chloe success story pic.jpg


"Her eye doctors said she had 20/20 vision, and they could not determine the reason for the problems she was experiencing...."

Asher success story pic.jpg


"Vision therapy changed my life because I can now use my left eye and perceive depth...."

Noah G.jpg


"For years, I was ashamed of my reading skills, my older and younger brothers where all better than me...."

Ellas grad photo.jpg


" I have had a lot less eye strain, which I used to have a lot of before I began therapy...."



"Our five year old, Evan, was struggling with coordination following brain surgery...."

A very special

Thank You!

To our patients who make our days bright, our hearts full and our work fulfilling. We love what we do because we love helping you.
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