Common Symptoms of visual problems

struggle with reading skipping lines losing place vision therapy convergence insufficiency oculomotor dysfunction
  • Seeing the words double

  • Seeing the words come in and out of focus

  • Seeing the words appear to move on the page

  • Losing your place

  • Rereading the same line of words

  • Trouble remembering what you have read

  • Losing your concentration

  • Eye fatigue, strain, soreness, pain

  • A pulling sensation from around your eyes

  • Headaches

  • Learning difficulties

  • Letter reversals

Think about it this way...

If you are a parent, how would you know if your child has a visual dysfunction? Other than obvious signs (an eye turn or decreased acuity even with corrective lenses), how do you discover visual dysfunctions that are not obvious (e.g. Convergence Insufficiency, Accommodative Dysfunction, Visual Perceptual Dysfunction)?

blurry vision double vision homework reading
struggle with homework vision therapy blurry vision double vision
Learn the symptoms

Time after time, when parents are educated on which symptoms to look for, they come to understand that there may be an underlying and treatable visual dysfunction limiting their child. If you suspect a visual dysfunction in your child, contact us to schedule a Comprehensive Evaluation with Dr. Zollinger, or take the Symptom Survey with your child to gather more information.


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