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Comprehensive Evaluation

The evaluation is a series of 1-2 appointments of testing, and then a one-on-one conference with the doctor.

The Initial Evaluation

The first appointment is a 1 hour evaluation and includes a high tech infrared eye tracking scan. Dr Zollinger will then gather an in depth history of your concerns and struggles and do a series of tests to evaluate the visual skills such as eye tracking, eye teaming, focusing, depth perception, and more.

Visual Development and Processing Evaluation

Whereas the initial evaluation gathers information on how your eyes function, the second appointment gathers information on visual development and how your brain processes visual information. This information combined with the results from the initial evaluation allows Dr Zollinger to have a comprehensive understanding of all areas of your visual system.

Comprehensive Evaluation Vision Therapy

One-on-one conference with Dr Zollinger

In preparation for the conference, all the results, diagnoses, and recommendations will be gathered together and put into a comprehensive report which will be reviewed and given to you. Dr Zollinger looks forward to meeting with parents, guardians, teachers, care givers - whoever is involved with you or your child's care! He will explain all the results of the tests and help you understand any visual conditions that may be present in an easy-to-understand way. If treatment is indicated he will review treatment goals and outcomes. By the end of this evaluation process, you will walk out of the conference knowing a whole lot more about your or your child's vision!

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